Q: On the subject of "budget" - What's the "Max bid"? What's a "daily and total budget"? What's an "install conversion value". What is that payment that shows in billing where it tells me to make a deposit. What is that deposit?
Posted by Jefferson Ubias on 02 November 2016 06:32 PM

A: Hyprad like Facebook for example is a bidding system, meaning you and many advertisers across the globe bid to win advertising to your target audience.

E.g. Let's say we're both targeting the same office block in Norfolk Virginia, encompassing an audience of 25000 people. I bid $5 per CPM (CPM = 1000 impressions) and you bid $3 per CPM. I'll win the bid and get to advertise to these people and you won't. There are additional elements that come into play, but this is basically how it works.

Deposit = the money to add to your account with which you buy ads. E.g. if you deposit $100, you can now buy ads for a budget of up to $100.

Max bid = the highest price you're willing to pay for a CPM (1000 impressions). You can max bid for example $10, but the actual cost you'll pay is 1 cent above the 2nd highest bid. So even if your max bid is $10/cpm, and the 2nd highest before you bids $7/CPM, you actually only pay $7.1 CPM (not the $10 max bid).

Install conversion value - not relevant for our type of campaign, only for app-installs campaigns.

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