Facebook Ads: Testing, Validating and Scaling
Posted by on 28 July 2016 01:34 PM

Now, to answer your question about Facebook testing, success with ads depends on so many factors (we could spend an entire day training on this!).

The key to succeeding with FB ads is realizing that when you start you are not buying sales. You are buying data.

Try to see what products make people click as you warm up the FB ads pixel on your ecommerce store.

See what kinds of targeting starts to get better results.

Try different pictures and products - focus on ones that get the most action.

Then see how you can generate sales: is your offer right? What about price?

The key at this point is to get some buyers. Once you've gotten 100 sales you've got some key data that you can work with.

FB Ad success is all about trial and error, testing and validating, scaling successful ads and then replicating the process.

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