Etsy: Shop Bait v. Staple Items
Posted by on 09 June 2016 10:04 PM
ii. We are passionate about a few things and like most others I presume dogs being one, however we have
started to review Amazon products for dogs and on the search tool we do not
see the same potential opportunities as on Amazon i.e. dog grooming
scissors? Is this because I note a lot of wallcharts or t shirt type
products instead of more substantial physical products?

*** Etsy is more of a handcrafted goods community.

The potential to sell mass market items like scissors or dog bowls is not the same as on Amazon - you won't find hundreds of different grooming tools.

But you will find collections of hand painted dog bowls, or fashionable collars with sparkling jewels on them or other more unique items.

The advantage of learning Etsy is that you can use this flashy, eye catching items in advertising as "shop bait" to get customers to your eCommerce store.

Then in eCommerce store you should also offer some of the regular kinds of items that you can find on alongside some of the more unique items from Etsy.

Think of it like a real world store, where something really special in the window brings in foot traffic, and then people wind up buying a bunch of others stuff while shopping.

That's what you are going for here ...****

iii. The first lot of homework is
to come up with 10 potential niches, so is this say 10 potential products
for dogs or say 10 different niches like dogs, women's scarves. Womens
jewelry, etc?

***This is an exercise for people unsure of which niche they want to work in or which niche might be profitable. You already have a niche picked out which is surely profitable - the pet niche is great! So I would start focusing on product selection already. :-) ***

iv. There was also a comment of going for "quick producing markets"? Does this mean looking at products like wall charts and t shirts that have a quick turn-around time from ordering and negating products like the dog grooming scissors that may have a 30 day time delay?

***You can go for both - there are really no hard fast rules here. The key is to focus on products that move - hot items, while also offering staples like scissors, bowls, collars, etc. on your store. Remember: there's a thing called "buyer's intent" which means they might come into your shop for that sequin bedazzled leash from Etsy, but then also buy the practical pouch for dog treat training and the grooming scissors from Aliexpress. As you test products and see what hits on your store you can start to move in a certain direction that capitalizes on the trends you discover. But the key is just getting started - source some products, post them up, and start testing out some ads to drive traffic.***

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