How to get good images, products and FB ads for Instagram
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(1)Please I want to know if there is a way to come up with images that will help make my IG page more captivating not just having only product pics on my page, image like funny pics, cartoons etc?

*** I like to use for great images (you can filter by "Creative Commons" to get images people are willing to have posted elsewhere without complaining).

(a) If I use someone else image in my niche will there be any consequences for that

*** This is NOT legal advice: basically you do not want to use images that you do not have permission to use. That being said, it's rare that someone will really care that you used their image on a single Instagram post. If you start using it to create products, logos, etc. they are more likely to have a problem. If you want to be 100% sure, purchase royalty free images from a site like or use any images labeled with Creative Commons or Reuse (you can find these even on Google or Bing searches).***

(b) Is it wise to create such images through sites like or is it a waste of money.

*** Fivrr can get very expensive. People generally use Fivrr to advertise services - they will do something very basic for $5 and then charge a regular rate for significant work. I would try finding some images like I said in (a) above first and see what you can do for free.

Another option is to use a site like to take images, alter them or mix them up with captions, overlays, etc. and put them up on Instagram as a new work (like a collage). ***

(c) Is there a resource like websites that have this kind of images.

*** You can check out for collections of great images - some of them are marked as fine for reuse - most people on there want to see their stuff posted elsewhere. You can also check out for great stuff - again, most people there are cool with reposting if you give credit to where it came from (you can do this in comments).***

(2) Please I will like to know if there is a better way to identify reliable sellers in Alibaba and Aliexpress before doing business with them?

*** Reviews are one of the best way - you should see how many sales they have and look at the feedback people have said about these sellers.***

(3) Please during the instafy training we did not really go in dept on Facebook advertising we were referred to the Give Academy program for further learning, which is a little problem for me right now because I am on a tight budget and I still need to make the most out of this training which Facebook advertising is a major piece of the puzzle. I have done my own research on FB advertising and these are what I came up with but not sure it's enough to give me the best result possible.
(a)Affinity Score should not be less than 20
(b) Frequency should not be more than 2
(c) Using the multiple interest by targeting a buyers niche(an online store audience) and other group with similar interest eg pug lovers and targeted audience should be in the range of 100,000 to 300,000
(d) Getting your market audience profile by researching on an influencer in your niche and working with his or her followers profile information like age, sex, location etc.

***You are right on track Frank - I will see about posting some bonus materials on FB advertising as we are rolling out the Instafy revamped portal in the next week. :-)***

(5)Please after one has made a sale and want to track where the sale is coming from to better optimize his or her account, how do i go I figure out where this sale came from, mobile, desktop and all that? Please how does segmenting for tracking purpose work? This is very confusing to me, how does this concept really work?

***You will want a FB Pixel on your Shopify store to track the deep metrics that you can get from your FB ad tool. Roger goes into how to do FB Pixels in Training calls 3 and 4. But I would wait a few days for the new materials to post in the revamped portal - as I've edited these into shorter videos which pinpoint that part of the training for you.

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