What niche should I focus on and how do I find products for it?
Posted by on 02 June 2016 02:35 PM
Overall you want to find a profitable niche and focus.

You seem to have many unrelated niches, so my first suggestion would be to use even to check what is selling in those niches.

For example, you can go here and check the best selling items on Amazon.

That can be a starting point for seeing what Amazon customers are buying - it can help you narrow down niche and product ideas.

Then let's say you are set on selling a particular thing you found on Etsy and want to know if there is a market for it - again - go to the biggest online marketplace in the world (Amazon) and put a search term related to the item.

For example, I put in "beer map" on Amazon and got these results:

You can then filter results by how many star ratings they have (5 stars = good) and see which items have the most reviews (this should give you an idea of what the market likes).

That helps you with product and niche selection.

Then to find the audience on Facebook that would most like these products, use the ad tool to find people who like "beer" - these become the ones you promote the products to. Using audience insights you can find people who have liked beer or related keywords. You can even use Amazon to find the keywords to research for audiences on Facebook - just look to the left sidebar on Amazon and see related terms.

The key thing to remember is there is no "magic niche" that will make you money. Lots of niches can be profitable, so find the products that people are buying and match them to the buyers available to you through FB ads.

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