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(1) It shouldn't matter where you live when you start to target audiences in different locations - you will get the behaviours, demographics, etc. based on the region or regions you select to target.

I do not know how to change the currency, but I'm pretty sure it's tied to whatever financial data you have on file (look through FB Help for "changing currency ads" or something - I'm sure they have an article on it).

(2) Creating a new audience is different that FB insights. Insights relate to the audience on a particular fan page you manage. The word "insights" can be used across FB to mean audience data, but understand the Custom Audience tool is where you go to get better "insight" to the potential target audience you are thinking of selling to.

(3) Campaign objective determines how your tracking will be configured and can affect the behaviour of how the ad is served. FB can return different data based on objective, so chose the one that most closely resembles what you want to happen (i.e. send traffic to a website or e-commerce).

(4) When you go to create the ad itself FB will ask what audience you want to show the ad to. The choices you made regarding the audience you want to target will determine the FB users the ad is shown to (this is true for a Page or a URL).

(5) Credit card is asked for at the end of the process unless you have this info already saved from another ad account.

(6) You can tell FB to send $X of daily ad spend to audience A and $Y of daily ad spend to audience B. Alternatively you can A/B test the ad itself by sending 50% of audience A to Ad 1 and 50% of audience A to Ad 2.

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