Posted by James Brooke on 25 May 2016 06:31 AM

If I want to charge a customer less per month than the basic rate just to let them try the service for two or three months how do I do that?
I know for the basic package freshlime needs $150 per month. So if I send them $200 per month…. $150 FL & $50 for me will then know to just take the $150?

2nd Question:

I have a couple of service businesses in the family and would like to just pay the cost on these so what would that be for me?

Our Answers

1) The price tiers start from $200/mo (i.e. $100 to FL), depending on how many contacts you have. 
Account with up to 2000 contacts $200 ($100 FL)
account above 2000 and up to 5000 contacts $300 ($150 FL)
account above 5000 and up to 10,000 contacts $400 ($200 FL)

If you want to take a bigger package (e.g. $400 retail) for a lower amount to test, I think FL will be willing to accommodate. You'll need to reach out to Javier and request a lower FL charge for the trail period you want. 

2) If you buy the services for yourself, you'll only be paying the wholesale price. Meaning, if you have 3 business, with 2K-5K contacts, you'll pay $450/mo total for the 3. 
If you are ready to start the service for your family business, lmk how many businesses and what is the size of their contact base, and I'll try to get you a better deal. 

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