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Posted by James Brooke on 23 May 2016 11:09 AM
Freshlime is not a Do-It-Yourself system, it's a service built on a platform, and the automated interactions and impressive feature are in the backend, which is used by Freshlime team to provide the services. For yourself and your prospect, you should use the 'Freshlime Demo Sales Deck' which presents all the features of the systems, screenshots and examples. You can download the deck from the Marketing Training Section of your members area.
The training videos are the step, by step process. 
Video #1 - overview of the FL program
Video #2 - How to find the ideal customer for the FL service. One that will benefit the most and stay with the service for a long time.
Video #3 - Learn how to engage the ideal customer you found. How to reach out and get them interested in the program. 
Video #4 - Session with Jay Bean - this is a tangent session that is meant to give you a dipper understanding of the market and solution, so you'll be able to sell better. 
Video #5 - Closing the prospects you engaged with. This videos reviews how to do a full sales demo to close a sale with a customer. We remind you, that you can ask FL sales rep to join you on the first 2-3 sales calls and help you make the sales. Learn from them. 
Video #6 - Learning about how to onboard customers to the FL system. What are the pricing, how much you're getting paid and how. 
Video #7 - Another important market review from the founder of FL, Mr. Jay Bean + Doing the Certification test
These videos will guide you in to how to find, engage and sell FL to potential customers. 
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