Selling Etsy Items on Shopify FAQs
Posted by on 22 May 2016 06:33 PM

1. After we find out product that possible to have good sales, we contact directly to the supplier for discount first before testing or market in the facebook? (How will we then deternime the selling price?)

***(1) I think it is more powerful to do a small, live test (3 to 5 units) without negotiating with the Etsy seller, so when you have verified sales you go back to them and say "hey look - I sold 3 of your shirts with a small test on my site - let's talk wholesale prices!"***

2. You also mentioned that we can place order with Etsy without contacting them (with normal price). How you will do the pricing for this?

***(2) For the test, mark up the items 15% to 30% on your site (if it's $10 on Etsy - sell it for $13 on your site - cover costs, etc.). Eventually you are going to get a discount from the seller and can always keep a mark up on your site as well (as long as the seller is cool with it), which means you might get 30% discount, list the item for an additional 10 to 15% on your site for a whopping 45% profit. Again - see what the market will bear and what your seller is cool with.***

3. The post to facebook and ask for opinion method, do we need to have a facebook page?

***(3) A Facebook page helps, but you can get ask for feedback right in the ad ... ads allow you to get likes, shares etc. You can't necessarily say "Like this Ad" (against FB rules) but your copy can say "What Do You Think of these Sunglasses?" - people will get the idea and you can judge the impression of the item based on the number of likes and shares.***

4. For shopify, if I am staying in Malaysia, shall I put shipping address in Malaysia or US?

***(4) The address you list on Shopify should be where you are located. Again - you are not shipping to yourself and if you are doing business in the US and want to fulfil orders yourself rather than drop ship from Etsy (there might be various reasons for this - Etsy seller won't drop ship, you want to brand the items, etc.) then you should consider working with a US fulfilment company.***

5. Based on your experience, can we just use paypal as start as I don't know how to fill up the details in Shopify (I don't have US account). Will try to figure out later when I proceed to Shopify part

***(5) You should be able to start with Paypal as your payment processor and link it to shopify. Here are instructions on how to do that:***

6. Picture: Where can I get the picture for the product? (I heard something like not good to take other people picture for our shop etc...)

***(6) If you are doing a test then I just use the picture from Etsy - again - it's a limited time test, and the outcome will likely be more sales for the seller, which I'm sure they won't mind. :-) For long term posting of items on your shop you are going to be in a relationship with the seller so they will most likely be fine with you using the picture.***

7. Refund issue: How we manage refund issue (Not sure is it in other video). Do we need to confirm with the supplier how the refund will be?

***(7) Refunds will depend on who ships the item and who collects the money. If they buy from your site and pay through you, but receive the item from the seller via drop ship then you need to coordinate with the seller - get confirmation of receipt of the return, receive the funds back from the seller - and then you issue the refund. Again, there might be differences here depending on how you fulfil, but in most cases you should have tools through Shopify that help with this, and will need to have an arrangement and plan in place to coordinate this with your suppliers.***

8. Shipping fee: How we calculate the shipping fee if we have multiple suppliers? The price you suggest in the video shall I just follow accordingly? ( I am not sure on how much is the shipping fee)

***You can use shipping calculators that will be tied to the sellers location - so when the customer plugs in their address the fee will be calculated accordingly. Of course you can always offer "free shipping" and just make sure you include additional mark up on items to cover those costs beyond your 30% profit margin.
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