How Can You Get Deals with Etsy Sellers?
Posted by on 20 May 2016 02:40 PM
Approaching an Etsy seller without qualifying who you are and what you can do is a mistake.

If this is the approach you are using with Etsify then you are essentially "cold calling" Etsy sellers, a group consisting mostly of artists rather than entrepreneurs and marketers.

These sellers are not going to necessarily understand your marketing lingo, and some might not even really know what "drop shipping" is.

Plus with cold calling it's a total numbers game - if you cold call 100 prospects and close 2 deals you are actually doing well!

So what's the better move?

The Etsify training mentions a little hack for testing Etsy products on your Shopify store, that I think is also a key strategy to closing deals with Etsy sellers.

Here are the steps:

(1) Use the Etsfiy tool to locate "winning products" in your niche.

(2) Before contacting the Etsy seller, go ahead and put a few of these products up on your store (mark them up 20% to 30% to cover your costs).

(3) Then using your marketing methods (FB Ads, etc.) drive traffic to this particular product (if you are nervous about a rush of orders - you can limit the quantity available to just 5 or 10).

(4) Once you have anywhere between 5 to 10 orders for the product, change the Shopify listing to "On Backorder".

(5) Now you have money from your customers, go ahead and manually place orders for this product on the seller's Etsy page, putting your customer's information as the shipping address, and your information for the billing (hey - that's like drop shipping!).

(6) After the orders are placed reach out the seller and the them about your test: you can even tell them how you just ordered 5 of them for your customers.

This gives you instant credibility and makes the opportunity more REAL for the Etsy seller.

At this point it's a matter of whether they are willing to work with you, but having shown them sales before you even started it would be crazy for them not to work with you!

(7) Negotiate a discount of at least 30% plus drop shipping so that you do not need to mark up the products any more to cover costs and make some money.

NOTE: if for some reason the seller does not like that you did the testing, you can let them know that you invested money in advertising this to your customers and wanted to make sure they would actually buy it before doing anything else. Most sellers should be fine with this - they got the sale anyway - and see you as a potential marketing partner it makes a lot of sense to work with.

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