Terms and Conditions with Freshlime/Really Successful
Posted by James Brooke on 19 May 2016 01:18 PM

You are an independent contractor (re-seller) and if you take and pass the test, will be a Certified FreshLime Consultant. You are a Freshlime reseller via Really Successful. You have a relationship with RS and FL. You are entitled to commission as long as the customer is active. Important note: its your customer. You are a reseller, not an affiliate. You own the customer.

You can sell your "Freshlime Business" to anyone you want. These are your customers. Obviously I would suggest coordinating this with RS and FL.

FreshLime Will Take Care Of:  (How this software gets initially populated with all the past customer data if the business (carpet Cleaner) does not have it organized. How does the system get the data?)

Freshlime integrates with their CRM/Accounting system, or ask them to download an excel and upload.   If needed they will take all their past paper invoices, scan and import to the system

They will be available for consultation regarding pending deals all the time, and will be available for three way conference calls with prospects to help you close deals. It is agreed that they would help more if you are struggling, but the aim is to help you learn how to sell.

FreshLime Sales Support does not take a cut or percentage on deals they help you close

FreshLime creates all the marketing materials for the business. Writing copy is of course part it.

Q) How do I know where other FRESH-LIME consultants are working already?

Other FreshLime re-sellers will not be given the same leads as you.  You can call any prospect you want - - even one that was called by another re-seller.  We do not currently know which areas or cities the other FreshLime Re-sellers are working in.  In the US alone there are 30 million businesses within the industries FreshLime identified

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