Making Money / Closed Won Deals:
Posted by James Brooke on 19 May 2016 12:55 PM

What commissions can I expect to receive ?

Commissions range from $100/mo to $200/mo, average of $150/mo.

The clients are expected to stay 24/mo in the system, resulting in $3600 per customer.

In addition you can mark up the prices a bit and get it to $5500 per client.

If you get 50 clients, you'll be making an average of $7500/mo residual income without working as all!

It will take you no more than 2/mo working 4 hours a day to get to that. *FreshLime will take over the clients once they have paid the set-up fee*

How do I get paid?  How Does Billing Work?

You go to your FL account and open a new account, you then add the business credit card details and FL will charge the customer and pay you every two weeks.
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