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What kinds of businesses does Freshlime most apply to?

The Freshlime System (“FLP”) applies to just about any business. Typically the businesses our resellers have success with are:

  • HVAC/Plumbing

  • Cleaning Services

  • Appliance Repair/Handyman

  • Pest Solutions

  • Salon Hair/Nails

  • Dental

  • Auto Repair/Detailing

  • Pet Care

  • Spa/Massage

  • Lawncare/Landscaping

  • Taxi/Limo

  • Pool/Spa

  • Seasonal Sports/Rentals

  • Therapy (Eye, Mental, Chiropractic, Speech, etc.)

What countries does this work in?

FLP does not limit you to work in a specific location or geographic area within USA, CANADA, United Kingdom and Australia

This Includes French speaking Canada such as Montreal

We want to point out that the FLP Sales Team and the ReallySuccessful team working hours are from 9am-5pm EDT. However, when you correspond with them regarding your prospect, they might be willing to accommodate different times to help you. We recommend to call prospects during the business hours that they are open.

Is FLP a Good Fit for Storefront Businesses?

In the finding the “Ideal” prospect video, we discussed what we have found to be the “low-hanging fruit”.  These are businesses that have customers come-back; for businesses that are hungry for clients and have a good client base already.   Businesses that are store-front only (AKA “brick-and-mortar” if they are hungry for more business; have repeat customers and have a good client base already, than our answer is YES!  Please note, that one of the selling points is for businesses to SMS clients when they are out in the field to book open slots in their appointments.

Therefore, that feature might not appeal to some business types
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