Testing Etsy Products Using a Drop Shipping Hack
Posted by on 15 May 2016 11:53 AM
The "drop shipping" hack that Roger mentions in Etsy is meant as a short term testing method rather than a long term option.

This means you can see if a product will work for your store before making the effort to reach out the Etsy seller.

The expectation here is that you are not going to take hundreds of orders and fulfilling them by this method.

Rather after seeing that you got 5 to 10 orders for a short and cheap promotion, you have a good idea that product is viable.

At that point you would list the item on your store as "Out of Stock - More Coming Soon!" and can even have a "Notify Me" button for when it's back in stock.

This helps retain potential leads and show that your store is popular.

The receipt that comes from the Etsy seller )that does not have any of your branding on it) is not necessarily a problem: (1) most people are not going to look at this, and (2) you are talking about a limited number of customers used for testing receiving this information.

Once you have a proven market, that you have access to and can bring to your store, that wants the sellers goods it becomes much easier to get the seller to agree to be in a relationship with you.

When that happens you can negotiate the drop shipping option or bulk discounts (order per month) that enable you to still offer discounted or free shipping.
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