Low Price Lies: How Much Should You Charge?
Posted by on 12 May 2016 12:33 AM
When dealing with a client that can bring you volume you always want to give them discounts off your usual profit percentage set up.

This encourages them to do business with you b/c it puts them in a position to make money with you.

If this big company is going to do a lot of business with you then give him a 10% or 20% discount off your normal rate.

What you want to be careful, however, of believing "low price lies" that your services are somehow worth less to this customer.

This is just a lack of confidence and potentially fear of losing the client. Truth is, if they are in the market for expert services and work on a bigger scale, they can afford the rates.

Also, think about the fact that if you slash your prices to get business, it becomes extremely difficult to raise prices later (another low price lie!).

Better to start at what your rate is, offer a limited time discount if they start today, and not short change yourself to the point where you will dread having to work for this client in the future because you are seeing so little back from it.

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