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Knowledgebase : Auto Pilot Lead
Yes. When you setup the script for the visitor's response, make sure to click on the appropriate icon (email, phone or free text). This way, it restricts and detects if it is a valid response or not.
To upgrade to more or unlimited domains, please upgrade your account, contact support for more assistance.
Here is an example code for an image button that would open your LLS or APL widget.
Embedding is easy! simply copy and paste the code before the tag in your page.
There is no limit to the amount of chat lines, although, if the purpose of the widget is to gain their contact information, you may consider keeping the lines to a minimum. If the purpose is support, then the more the merrier!
When selling lead generation and other services to local marketing clients you need to have a clear understand of what your services are worth to them. The formula below will allow you to present a clear picture to clients of the potential ROI that you can bring them. Of course pricing depends on the industry, region and service provided, but you can even use this when prospecting by asking them what 1 client is worth to them, plugging that information into the formula and then showing them how your charge is a good investment for them. HOW TO CALCULATE CUSTOMER LIFETIME VALUE Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) means the estimated amount of revenue a typical customer will spend with a business over a set period time. Professional practices like law firms and doctor's offices can also determine the average revenue per client for a typical year, even though billings may vary greatly between clients or insurance company payments. As a local marketer, the CLV amount for your prospect is the key to showing them...
We prefer to work with clients who are already running PPC campaigns. That way, they already have traffic. APL then kicks in and turns that traffic into leads they won't ever get without your software.
In regards to tax obligations and registration of your business and operating selling to clients based in your country, we do not provide legal or tax advice in terms of what the obligations are between you and your clients. Please consult with a local tax authority.
Views refers to the number of times a funnel was viewed. Interactions refers to the number of times a funnel was interacted with. Leads refers to the number of leads generated by the funnel. Abandoned refers to the number of times a funnel was abandoned without a lead generated.
This option displays whether the widget is 'On' or 'Off'. The widget has to be 'On' in order for it to appear on the website.
You can set an idle timer during the chat flow. If a site visitor fails to respond after __ seconds, this will prompt the agent to check with the visitor (you can set the response). If the visitor still does not answer after __ seconds, the agent will end the chat.
A funnel is what your site visitor will see when you are on the site.
This feature enables you to give an appropriate response if your site visitor gives an answer that is not expected or does not follow the chat flow.
Widget is the technical term of the chat on the site.
This option will enable you to create new client sections to help you organize your funnels by client more effectively.
This section enables you to create a new funnel from one of the many templates available.
You may place a button on your site which triggers the chat agent to begin even if they don't leave the screen or follow a time delay. This is a good option if you want to place a "Help" button. Please note, this is an advanced feature and requires some technical knowledge.
Use this option to create your funnels either from scratch or by using a template fresh, start, new
This section displays all the funnels you have created in the system.
This section enables you to create, customize and advertise your personal landing page to your prospective clients.
This section displays all the leads that have been collected via your widgets.
This section displays all your prospector pages. A prospector page contains your contact information together with a copy of the prospect's website with the APL chat appearing on it.
Go to the widget settings of the funnel you wish to edit. On the upper right corner of the widget settings page, click on "Back to A/B settings".