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Knowledgebase : Video Pop Funnels
The plugin has been created to help users that are less proficient with WP sites. You may add the code manually if you know how to
For Facebook, go to your account and get the like code. There is a video in the training area about this
They are for your use within VideoPopFunnels ONLY. The license is extended for VPF only.
Yes! Simply upload it to Wistia or another hosting program and paste the .mp4 file path to the builder.
Yes, this can be customized in to any language. The interface is however in English
We are compatible on all platforms, please make sure to follow the embed instructions.
You create a private "out of system" contract and payment system/schedule with your client. We have found a good model to charge a monthly rate and then per lead.
Please watch out detailed training video (training tab) on instructions to obtain your embeddable code.
If this is a bonus offered by an affiliate, you will need to speak with them to follow up. Everything contained in the product is the complete program
You need to host the PDF on your servers, like Amazon and then use the link from there. The system does not support uploading documents
You first set the fields you want to capture (shorter is better) , when a visitor submits the form, it becomes captured "lead" in the system. You can also append a AutoResponder to send them an email and/or add them to a Webinar
Simply turn that project "off" in the dashboard
If you are using it on your own site, then the retained leads turn in to your profits of new customers. If you are a premium user who is placing this on clients sites, you create an agreement with them for a monthly cost and/or cost per lead.
Yes, Video Pop Funnels come with several walk through videos to help you use the system. Click on the training tab within the program to get started.
Your extended license gives you the use of an unlimited number of domains. Therefore you do not need the domains tab.
GR is recommended due to ease, but any autoresponder works. Simple take the HTML code provided by your provider and past in to the AR section. Use the GR video as guide, but it works with everything.
Mobile devices do not have a canvas you can exit, there is not mouse on the page to leave. At this time the program is not mobile enabled but our lab team is working on this
Make sure that you've added it to the end /body tag of the page. If you need help from Click funnels, please ask them how its done on that page. Also remember to turn the widget "ON" from the funnel dashboard.
There are plenty of good services that make these videos, a few to mention would be to go to or . This is typically a cost you pass off to your client.
You host everything, the piece of code we hand you is VPF, but everything sites and your visitors see only your site
VPF has an integration to GTW only. What we suggest is that you create a form with an autoresponder (optional include in thank you message too) for a link to sign up to the webinar on your system.
Yes, or they may allow you to do it if they give you access.
Transparency causes issues on many sites and it would make the options on the pop look unprofessional. Thank you for your suggestion, we attempt to give it a bold look
Yes, the system is compatible to embed in to WordPress Sites. To simplify the process we have created a plugin, which is available for download from the training page, as well as an installation video.
Accessing a Template is easy! Simply hover over the "create" button and select "choose from template
The project title is for your internal use only, meaning, no-one outside of you will see it. You can name it anything that helps you remember what it is used for. For example, "ReallySuccessful - Support Page"
This is only internal, meaning, no-one outside of you is seeing this name. To this end, name it something familiar to you. It will help identify it when linking actions to other videos. It can something like "Video 1 - Welcoming the Visitor"
Its a title to grab your visitor's attention on the site. For example, if the video goal is to give a discount, you can name the title "Wait! check out this amazing offer"
There is no file size limit on the video, although, we recommend that the videos be kept short to keep your visitors engaged.
You can upload any file type, however, in order to insure that multiple computers can read it correctly, .MP4 is the most universally compatible .
The widget can handle both secure and non secure pages. This should be fine
For Silver and Gold clients there is a site limitation for the amount domains you can place the widget. Register the root domain you want to use and the widgets will works on the pages on that domain. You can upgrade to unlimited domains within your account
Interactions are visitors who have seen and engaged with the site widget. If a visitor interacted with the widget by moving to other videos or clicking through to another link, this will count as an interaction. When the site visitor fills in a form, they are upgraded/promoted to being a lead. Leads are also sent via email in addition to being stored
Video Pop Funnels is a cutting edge website engagement tool that enables you to prevent website visitor abandonment via streaming videos and lead generation strategies. Setup in minutes your funnel and get those hard earned visitors to leave their details. or add them to your mailing list
Wistia is a user friendly video hosting service. You do not specifically need Wistia to use Video Pop Funnels, but it is our recommendation due to ease of use. Video Pop Funnels is not an affiliate of Wisita in any way.
There are many options, but we recommend Wistia as a simple solution .