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Knowledgebase : Promo Republic
PromoRepublic is a social media marketing platform for everyday use that helps small business owners gain more customers from social networks. Our platform guides and automates effective social media marketing for small business owners. Combining ease of use, co-marketing channels, technology-based content suggestions and templates, our platform provides an affordable service for first-time marketers and pros alike. Three key features that make PromoRepublic so effective: 1) A library of pre-written templates for social media posts, special offers, promotions and other tools for communicating with and engaging customers. 2) Smart Technology The PromoRepublic Engine suggests, automates and optimises social media marketing. With each new user and campaign, the PromoRepublic Engine becomes smarter and more effective 3) Co-promotion (In development) The co-promotion approach unites small businesses. It increases the reach of social media marketing by up to 50%.