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IPL training is on a modular drip. That means every days a new module "unlocks" for you to view and do the tasks indicated. We find that our members learn better when they can focus on fewer tasks in building their local marketing business correctly. You will be emailed as each module unlocks. If you go to access a module that should be unlocked, then it is likely that you need to clear the cache in your Internet browser. This source tells you how to clear cache on just about any browser, if you need help with that: [] So first logout of IPL, then clear your cache on your browser, and then log back in. You should see the unlocked modules. 
I want to use SEO Reseller. How do I get my White Label access account with I've received no emails on this to let me know. ANSWER: Use this link to signup for free to SEOReseller - [1] Using this link you'll see our pricing packages for the website in the dashboard. Once in the dashboard, you'll see options to white label your account, and direct contact information to an SEOREseller account manager. Does SEOReller have a Google My Business (Google Maps) service? If not, does Boostability? Virtual Group (old Endless Rise)? ANSWER: I'm pretty sure SEOReseller has it as part of their local SEO package. From iProfit Websites Training Video #10, I understand that we can still use Boostability for Website Designs? I like that my clients gets a dedicated account manager which cuts down on my workload. How do we make sure that we are using Boostability to design our websites? Just continue with the old training setup and it will happen automatically? AN...