Facebook Ads Manager and Targeting
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Facebook recently made big changes their Ad Manager interface, so that's why it looks different than the training (the basics are still the same essentially).

Basically Facebook consolidated features from the Power Editor into the standard ad manager now (it was a pain working in the past in two different programs!).

To get the audience insights now you need to do the following:

(a) Choose a campaign objective (boost your post, send people to your website, get people to claim your offer, etc.) and link that to a FB page or URL

(b) Next you need to create your Ad Set (this is where you can get the Audience Insights) by "defining a new audience"

- Choose a location (you can even target by everyone in the location, only people who live there, people who have recently been there, or people going there soon)
- Choose an age range (you really want to find ranges of less than 8 to 10 years to nail a demographic)
- Gender
- Languages (this is super important: if your stuff is in English be sure to note that, otherwise it might go to a bunch of people who can't even understand it!).
- DETAILED TARGETING: this is the motherlode *** gold in mining FB niche data *** you can narrow your audience down by demographics, interests (what pages they like!), and behaviours (what purchases they make, etc.); you can ignore categories for now as this is not developed yet. You can even choose to exclude people from the main targeting choices or create a more narrow niche where they must match the main targeting and a secondary targeting parameter: powerful stuff.

NOTE: if you will use this audience again then you should check off "Save this Audience".

If you are able to get affinity scores for your target audience (which tell you the kinds of magazines or websites they like) you have an insight as to what topics the audience really likes. You can use this to further enhance your targeting so your ads reach better prospects or to create content on the page or your website based on the affinity, that the prospect will likely share, like or click.

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