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 With reference to us using our own UPC #'s. In listening to the training again, when you manage your inventory from Seller Central and Print Labels, Tammy said it will assign you an FN sku. Is this the same as a UPC #? Or do we affix this FN sku'd label on the product AND also include our own UPC #?

Tammy Answers:

You need to buy UPC barcodes when you have your own product, or the product upc that was printed on the tag at the store is not coming up in the Amazon database (i.e. it hasn't been listed yet) i have had good luck purchasing these at

You don't actually need the barcode picture they give you, only the upc number string. You will input the upc number when you're creating your listing by going to inventory> add a product > create a listing. 

On the first product information screen, where you start inputting your product title, etc... at the bottom is where you'll input your UPC code. I've attached a screenshot for you. 

The FNSKU is actually the barcode that prints out when you print your labels for your product during the shipping part of the process. I usually print a couple to cover any existing barcode on the product as well as one on the outside of the polybag if using one for protection or bundling. You can print a few labels for any product at a time by clicking on INVENTORY > MANAGE INVENTORY

Then when your products come up, hover over edit products and select print item labels. There you can print several at a time or just one or two. 

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