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wanted to confirm that my understanding is correct.

Step 1 :- Find gold product in BigRed. (To start do i have to have more
than one product ? or we can start with one product only?)

Step 2 :- Once I find out the product, (Do i have to order like 50 units or
so from alibaba? or just one unit is fine)

Step 3 :- Once i send the Product to the FBA, how people will know about my
product.. do i need to do any marketing ?

If i scan 4-5 product in the house... it is worth spending them to the FBA,
or do i need like 40-50 products? ( Can i just start with one product)

I scan some books at home but the profit is not that much , and i also do
know where they will sell or not.

if you can answer these question it may help me and encourage to start my


Thanks for reaching out. We are so happy that you're part of the AZON family - You are just a few steps away from success!

There are two methods we taught in the course - Retail Arbitrage and Private Label. 

With both methods you would start by "Finding Gold" with Big Red. 

With Private Label - you would start by ordering a handful of samples first before you place a big order to test the quality. Suggest any changes that you would modify, create labels/packaging and place your first order. You can certainly start with 50 if you like. Make sure you ask the manufacturer what replenishment time is for subsequent orders and keep that in mind.

When you scan a few things around the house or source things from Retail Arbitrage I have always found more luck in selling them when I send them in to FBA. They have sold more quickly every time. Make sure you are taking a look at the margins and using the 3x rule to make it worth while. i.e. If you purchased it for $10 it should be selling for $30. That way you're sure to cover your FBA fees. 

If you only have a couple of items around the house and you're not in a hurry, then you do not need to send them in to FBA if you don't want to. 

Amazon does all the "marketing" for you. They are a heavily trafficked site with millions of visitors per day. You need to make sure you're building your keywords into your listings and in the search terms and optimizing your listings. Amazon Sponsored Product Ads is a very easy way to bring even more traffic as well. We'll be going through these factors this week on the training. 

Thanks again for reaching out. Wishing you all the Best and Massive Success with Amazon!! 

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