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What Can I Sell?
Posted by on 26 May 2016 07:09 PM

Open Categories

More than 20 categories are open for selling on Amazon; products in these categories can be listed without specific permission from Amazon. Some categories only allow listings for new products. Some categories have additional guidelines that sellers must follow

Categories Requiring Approval
Products in categories requiring approval can be listed only with specific permissions from Amazon. Only sellers with a Professional Selling Plan subscription can sell in these categories. Amazon limits access to sell in these categories to help ensure that sellers meet standards for product and listing quality as well as other category-specific requirements. These standards help Amazon customers have confidence when buying in any category.

How to Request Approval
1. If you meet the requirements described in the table below, use the Contact us form to request approval. 
2. Fill out the form to submit your request. You will receive an e-mail response in approximately three business days letting you know whether you've been approved to sell or requesting additional information. 

To see the official Amazon Table Visit

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