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Big Red
Posted by on 26 May 2016 05:26 PM

How to use Big Red?

I am happy to lay it out for you in a nutshell here:

When you type a keyword into Big Red it will populate with all the related keywords that consumers are searching for. You download, and choose the relevant ones and build these keywords into your title, bullet points, description and back end keyword search term fields.

Gold products highlight what could definitely be a good market. There's proven demand because it's in the top 5%. Amazon is not selling it and there are few to no FBA sellers so the competition is not too steep. That all makes for a very good market. I would glance at to make sure it's not on the down trend in price or rank over time.

So then you'd find a manufacturer, or supplier that can help you obtain and private label that product. Discuss any modifications that make yours different or better (could be as simple as color) and voila!

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