FAQs for Non-US Sellers
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1) i live abroud, how can i set up my Amazon Account being out of the US
and what about Tax regulations?

*** You can set up a local Amazon account, but you will need a way to bank with your target country.

Amazon says this about set up and tax regulations:

"When you register to sell in the U.S. on, you will need to provide a valid credit card, phone number, and tax information. For taxes, you will be required to go through an online step-by-step interview that will determine whether you will need to complete a W-9 form (as a U.S. taxpayer) or a W-8BEN (as a non-U.S. taxpayer). When you register to sell in Canada, on, you will need to provide a valid credit card, phone number, and tax information." ***

2) I open my account in Amazon and i also create my Website to sell the
same product, like its recommended, so i have to open a business account in
the US, create a LLC o CO company, what are this steps, do you guys already
experience this before and help somebody else to do this, that leave

*** Amazon will send you thorough a Taxpayer Wizard that generates an IRS tax form for you to fill in.

Non-US sellers will need to fill this in, and will likely be given the W9-BEN form, which exempts you from US tax reporting.

Foreign persons are not subject to US income tax withholding if the work is performed outside the US.

Setting up US based company, however, would subject you to paying US tax, since the company is considered a "person" for tax purposes.

While there are some benefits to having a US company when selling on Amazon from outside the US, you will want to consult with a local accountant in your country to make that determination.

3) Barry mention a formula in the first webinar, the one that they sold
this course.., and is start like this...: Shift 9 and 0 and that give you a
total amonut of people and so on, can you guys send or explain me again
that formula and for what is worth for??

*** I'm not sure what the formula was, but I would follow what Tammy says about things like the Rule of 3 and RFF.***

4) The webinar of today was recorded and when is going to be on the

***All recordings are currently available and the member portal will be undergoing a major upgrade this week. :-)***

5) I download the Profit Bandit App and when i try to log in, doesnt work.

*** You must have an Amazon sellers account set up first. Once you do provide them with the credentials and it will work.***

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