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Are the local leads that will be provided for me only US based Businesses?

You can live anywhere, but the leads provided are of US businesses. You will be given 100 leads to start. Canada / UK / Australia resellers can sell in their local markets, but FLP will only provide leads US businesses, meaning that non-US resellers of FLP will need to prospect their own leads if they want to sell the FLP system outside the US.   For now there are no plans to expand to other markets such as Germany, France or Spanish speaking countries.

Other than the leads provided by FLP, you as the re-seller are responsible sourcing the leads and contacting them.  You can use mailers, phone, in-person, out-sourcing telemarketing etc.  

Generally, everyone now uses the Internet to find businesses.  You can tell alot about a company from their website (as was discussed in the Video Finding your Ideal Prospects)

Also - remember if you see a company also with a Google Ad or other Ads online, you know they are spending money to attract customers.  Perfect target for you to contact.

Are they Qualified and How are they chosen?

The leads are part of an FLP demand generation campaign. They go after qualified businesses, and start sending them content.

Depending on when this lead has been contacted, they may have got some content about FLP, or content about the reactivating customer, but not a direct call for action from FLP.

Warm means they got some sort of engagement from FLP before, email with white-paper or a similar SMS. Part of their demand generation campaign.

Why are there leads that are not service industry provided?

I imagine that some less relevant leads will find their way into FLP campaign. If you have a business that is not meeting the Ideal Customer criteria, please don't contact them. Just contact other leads and send us list of "bad" leads when you're done, so FLP can replace.

Leads provided to you have not responded to any of the materials that were sent.  They are still considered “warm” as they did receive materials.

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